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Increased school attendance

August 2017Right to Play

Teachers have reported that the provision of sport equipment and regular sport and play activities in schools has not only increased attendance figures but improved student-teacher relationships. Mumba primary school in Dar Es Salaam has seen attendance increase from 61% to 68% during the first quarter of 2017. The school reports that children who used to attend only occasionally are now in class more regularly to participate in Right to Play activities.

Right to Play’s child protection programme, which focuses on developing action plans to safeguard children’s rights within each ward, trained 25 members of the Child Protection Team (CPT). CPT members include the police, ward officers, medical personnel and community development officers. 3 Kabanga team members also attended the training sessions. CPT members selected teachers of trust from each partner school to whom kids can freely report issues and confide their concerns. These teachers will also assist in establishing child protection clubs in their schools.